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We teach children from age four upwards, youths and adults.

  • We have concurrent and combined classes so your family can train at the same time.
  • Classes run for one hour during school terms.
Manning Tuesday 4.00pm (kids and parents) and 5.00pm (kids and adults) Thursday 5.00pm (kids and adults) and 6.00pm (youths and adults)
Dalkeith Saturday 8.00am (kids and adults)
Maylands Saturday 10.30am (kids 4-7), 10.30am Junior ranks and 11.30am Senior ranks Tuesday 5.00pm Junior ranks and 6.00pm Senior ranks
Nedlands Monday 3.20pm (kids) Wednesday 3.20pm (kids)
Bedford Thursday 5.00pm (kids) and 6.00pm (youths and adults)
Brentwood Saturday 10.30am (kids and adults)
Ardross Thursday 3.50pm (kids)
Subiaco Monday 5.00pm (kids and parents / adult beginners)
Claremont Saturday 3.30pm (junior ranks) and 2.30pm (senior ranks)  Wednesday  5.30pm (kids and adults) and 6.30pm (senior adults)
Cannington Friday 4.30pm (kids and adults)
Wilson Monday 5.30pm (kids and adults)
Kelmscott Monday 4.00pm (kids and parents) Wednesday 4.00pm  (kids and parents)


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