What makes Platinum Taekwon-Do Different? 

I have known the Instructors of Platinum Taekwon-Do since its creation and have referred numerous children and adults to their programs and classes.  Platinum Taekwon-Do is unique in its acknowledgement of the need for and importance of an integrated holistic physical, cognitive, and psychosocial framework.

In addition to the advantages of Taekwon-Do to physical health, the physical conditioning component of this integrated program also has a beneficial impact on cognitive functioning (Hillman et al, 2008) as it is specifically designed to reduce distractibility and improve cognitive focus and perseverance.  In addition, a variety of clinical research studies have demonstrated that integrated programs which incorporate the mind and body enhance an individual’s capacity for cognitive creativity, flexibility and executive functioning.

From a psychosocial perspective, this program emphasizes qualities such as self-control, self-discipline, character development, respect, humility, responsibility, perseverance and honour.  The Platinum Taekwon-Do program is constantly developed and further updated based on current research literature which demonstrates that integrated programs which incorporate the mind and body demonstrate improvements in symptoms of depression and anxiety in addition to social life skills and self-esteem (Diamond & Lee, 2011).

Diamond et al 2011

Dr Michelle Byrnes BSc(Hons), PhD (Neuroscience), MPsych (Clinical),
PhD (Clinical Psychology)
Clinical Neuroscientist / Clinical Psychologist 

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Head, Clinical Psychology Research Unit
Western Australian Neuroscience Research Institute,
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Testimonial Platinum Taekwon-Do 

Our family has been affiliated with Platinum Taekwon-do for a number of years, and has been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and camaraderie with which Adeline and Paul run the club. It is clear that they highly value ongoing professional development, and ongoing mastery of the art and sport of Taekwon-Do.

Research has demonstrated that Taekwon-Do practise has been associated with improved sensory organisation and balance control in populations with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) (Fong, Tsang, Ng, 2011).

It has also been found to be beneficial in improving self regulation, self awareness and general motor skills in children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and range of other disorders.

As an occupational therapist, mother of a junior green belt of Platinum’s Ardross Dojang, and transient Taekwon-do pupil myself, I am a huge advocate of Taekwon-do and it’s many therapeutic benefits. I can testify to an improvement in endurance, core strength, balance and coordination from participating in Taekwon-do. I also believe improved focus and concentration can be attributed to Taekwon-do practise, in addition to increased confidence and discipline.

Kirsty MacDonald
Occupational Therapist