Platinum Taekwon-Do’s mission is to teach Taekwon-Do to an exceptional standard, develop students at all levels and promote Taekwon-Do as a sport, martial art and tool for social  development by:                                                                                                     

  • Maintaining currency of ITF techniques by attending international courses.
  • Continuously reviewing teaching methods and processes to improve classes.
  • Maintaining the standards of all instructors through additional training.
  •  Targeting guest instructors with specialist skills who can further enhance our knowledge and teaching methods.
  •  Participating in competitions.
  • Running competitions for all competitor levels and actively encouraging participation.
  • Acknowledging that adults are seeking achievement, friendship, direction and belonging as well as the physical benefits and providing for these needs.
  • Acknowledging that children are seeking to have fun, make friends, learn new skills, increase their confidence, be challenged and be actively involved and successful and providing for these needs.
  • Sharing Taekwon-Do experiences with friends, communities and the media.