14 Sep 2015

12 Sep 2015 GradingIt was a big week last week with a grading hosted by the Cannington dojang on the evening of Monday 7 September. 15 students tested from Claremont, Kelmscott, Maylands and Cannington and examiners Sabumnim Adeline Cheong, Sabumnim Paul and Sabumnim Michael Harwood were pleased with the results. Promotions were rolled out during the week and we are very pleased to announce the promotion of two brand new Green Belts – Kirsty Archibald and Phil Meatyard!

Mid-week saw Sabumnim Paul commence presenting a short external self-defence course  and guest instructors Sabumnim Adeline and Boosabumnim Tarquin conducting classes at the Claremont dojang.

Saturday 12 Sep 15 marked the second grading for Term 3 and the second  for the week! 21 students stepped up between the ranks of 10th and 5th and worked hard to display their best Taekwon-Do techniques, etiquette and theory knowledge. One of the highlights included Owen and Lily Harwood supporting the 7th Graders and participating in all their fundamental drills.

Thanks to all examiners and a special thanks to assisting instructors Boosabumnims Suzy Moore, Cristina Angheluta and Marcela Moraes. Comments were reviewed and results prepared on Sunday and promotions will roll out commencing Tuesday. See you in the dojang!