John XXIII College

John XX

John XXIII College – 30 April 2014

Platinum Taekwon-Do spent Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons this week at John XXIII College in  Mount Claremont.

We received a warm welcome and much positive feedback from Mr John Alderman who has been the college’s sports teacher for the past 18 years.

Sabumnims Paul and Adeline and Boosabumnim Michael Byrnes ran four Taekwon-Do clinics over the two afternoons for approximately 100 eager year one and two students.


The children showed great enthusiasm in participating in our energetic Taekwon-Do games including Sabumnim Says, Tag Chasey, Tag Sparring, Gingerbread men and Animal Taekwon-Do. They also displayed their skills and agility whilst executing punch combinations and kicks on the focus mitts.


It was lovely to see quite a few familiar faces from our regular classes on day one too. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the college and look forward to meeting students from John XXIII again!

Adeline Cheong, V Dan Black Belt