Inspirit Taekwon-Do Invitational

 Inspirit Invitational 2014

Inspirit Taekwon-Do Invitational Tournmament – 4 May 2014

It was a bit of a drive out to Aveley, but worth the trip as with 22 competitors the highlights for the Platinum Team kept coming all day long at today’s Inspirit Taekwon-Do Invitational Tournament.

At times there was so much action happening at the same time that you had to switch your focus back and forth between the three rings to keep up with our students competing concurrently. By 1030am we had already secured 14 medals and the sparring hadn’t even yet begun.
Inspirit Invitational 2014
We finished the afternoon with team sparring, power breaking and special technique for the adult males and senior females. One of the most exciting bouts of the day was during the team sparring with Anthony Lim against a big and tall Black Belt; where Anthony’s speed and agility shone through as he executed his techniques moving swiftly around the ring.
Inspirit Invitational
Special commendation goes to our junior competitors Ethan Grubba (7), Amelie Boyle (9), Jocelyn Brown (9), Angus Brown (10), Aiden Duryea (11), Isaac Blackwell (11), Jason Duryea (13) and Orla Bacon-Rees (16) who all displayed great focus, composure and competitive spirit.
Inspirit Invitational 2014
Other highlights included Isaac Blackwell’s “special” secret weapon in sparring and the Team Patterns which presented the opportunity for students from our different Platinum Taekwon-Do dojangs to come together as well as combined efforts between juniors and seniors.

Like many competitions some of it comes down to the luck of the draw and those who have the courage to put their hand up to compete are all winners regardless of the result.

We were happy to be able to enter five teams into the team pattern event with special mention going to the color belt adults pattern team from the Maylands dojang who were very brave coming up against a whole lot of black belts!
Inspirit Invitational 2014
Even our youngest supporter 22 month old Oliver Raymond enjoyed the event and appropriately bid farewell to red belt Tarquin in style “see ya Tarquin-Do”!

A perfect way to spend your Sunday is competing and supporting a tournament…now for the National Championships on 17 May!

Our final medal tally of 47 medals is below.

Adeline Cheong, V Dan Black Belt 

Black Belt Male Patterns 3 Dan up
Bronze Paul Raymond

Female Colour Belt Patterns
Gold Teresa Le
Silver Masa Boland
Bronze Jenny Illgen

Black Belt Male Patterns
Gold Lukas Kuster
Bronze Anthony Lim

Colour Belt Male Patterns
Gold Tarquin Betuel
Bronze Marc Crisp

Junior Girls Patterns
Silver Jocelyn Brown
Gold Amelie Boyle

Boys Patterns
Gold Aiden Duryea
Bronze Isaac Blackwell

Senior Boys Patterns
Silver Jason Duryea

Senior Girls Colour Belt Patterns
Bronze Orla Bacon-Rees

Veterans Colour Belt Mens Patterns
Bronze Martyn Boyle
Bronze Tim Grubba

Junior Boys Flying high kick
Silver Ethan Grubba

Junior Girls Flying High Kick
Bronze Jocelyn Brown

Junior Girls Flying Side kick
Bronze Jocelyn Brown

Team Pattern
Bronze Green and Gold –
Topaz, Erin, Angus, Isaac, Teresa

Senior Team Pattern
Bronze Platinum Black – Paul, Michael, Anthony and Lukas

Womens Colour Belt Sparring
Gold Erin Dikstaal
Silver Topaz Betuel
Bronze Jenny Illgen

Mens Colour Belt Sparing
Gold Tarquin Betuel
Silver Tim Grubba
Bronze Marc Crisp

Black Belt Mens Middle Weight Sparring
Bronze Michael Hayward

Flying High kick
Silver Angus Brown

Flying Side kick
Bronze Angus Brown

Junior Boys Sparring
Gold Aiden Duryea
Silver Isaac Blackwell

Senior Boys sparring
Silver Jason Duryea

Team Sparring
Silver Platinum – Tarquin, Anthony, Lukas

Power Breaking
Bronze Tarquin Betuel

Male Special Technique
Bronze Anthony Lim
Silver Lukas Kuster

Female Special Technique
Bronze Orla