2014 Australian National Championships

National Championships 2014

17 May 2014 Australian National Championships
by Adeline Cheong, V Dan Black Belt

Sunday 17 May 2014. The Platinum Taekwon-Do Nationals Team steps into the dojang at Burnside State School in Nambour, Sunshine Coast ready for some fine competition.

Our team of eight senior competitors and three juniors had started the year well with three competitions under their belt in the lead up to the Australian National Championships. The Kelmscott, Maylands, Claremont and Manning dojangs formed our championship team with our youngest age 11 and ranks ranging from 7th Gup to IV Dan.

The competition would again provide the platform for many clubs from Australia to come together and share their passion for ITF Taekwon-Do. Students and Instructors met old friends, forged new friendships and strived hard to be their best as a competitor, judge or coach.

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Among the highlights of the day was the boys intermediate sparring with our red belt Jason Duryea (14) winning the bout by golden point with a flying punch! Jason displayed great skill and strategy to achieve a silver medal in sparring.

The competition events were run as round robin which meant more mat time for everyone and we finished the day tired, happy and enthusiastic about further developing our skills and preparing for the next event.

Thanks to Master Michael Daher, President of ITF Australia and Mr Gerard Kelly from Universal Taekwon-Do for hosting a fine event. Thanks to the support of family members of all our students for providing them the opportunity to be part of the Platinum Taekwon-Do Nationals Team.

National Championships - Junior Team

Whilst it is is always a fine achievement to win a title the real reward is watching our students come together as a team, display etiquette and sportsmanship, support each other and develop from their experience. The 2014 Platinum Taekwon-Do Nationals Team has again done us proud. Congratulations on your efforts!

Our team and full medal tally is listed below.

Team Manager:- Adeline Cheong

Junior Team
Jason Duryea 2
Aiden Duryea 3
Isaac Blackwell 6

Senior Team
Paul Raymond IV
Michael Hayward IV
Michael Harwood III
Anthony Lim I
Lukas Kuster I
Tarquin Betuel 2
Amanda Cheong-Duryea 6
Teresa Le 7

Champion dojang:- Manning Warriors
Runner Up: Claremont Champions

5 Gold = 5 x 3 points = 15
2 Silver = 2 x 2 points = 4
2 Bronze = 2 x 1 point = 2
Total 21

4 Gold = 4 x 3 points = 12
1 Silver = 2
3 Bronze = 3 x 1 = 3
17 points

1 Gold = 3 points
1 Silver = 2 points
Total 5

National Championship Medals

Medal Tally

I Dan Patterns
Gold Anthony Lim
Silver Lukas Kuster

IV Dan up Patterns
Bronze Paul Raymond

Coloured Belt Female Patterns
Gold Teresa Le
Bronze Amanda Cheong-Duryea

Coloured Belt Male Patterns
Gold Tarquin Betuel

Colour Belt Heavy Weight Mens Sparring
Gold Tarquin Betuel

Black Belt Light Weight Mens Sparring
Bronze Lukas Kuster

Special Technique Male
Gold Michael Harwood

Intermediate Boys Sparring
Silver Jason Duryea

Junior Boys Sparring
Gold Aiden Duryea

Junior Boys Patterns
Gold Aiden Duryea

Junior Prearranged Sparring
Gold Jason Duryea and Isaac Blackwell

Senior Prearranged Sparring
Silver Paul Raymond and Michael Harwood
Bronze Tarquin Betuel and Lukas Kuster

Junior Boys Special Technique
Gold Isaac Blackwell