Grading 12 May 2014

Grading 12 May 2014 – Blog
by Adeline Cheong V Dan Black Belt

On Monday 12 May 2014 the Cannington dojang hosted it’s third coloured belt grading since it opened in Feb 2013. The Examiners were Adeline Cheong and Paul Raymond. Nine students found themselves ready, willing and able to grade on this day ranging from 10th to 7th Gup and from age six to adult.

It was very pleasing to see an additional 17 students attend to support those grading and gain the experience and pre-requisite credit. A special welcome to the Kelmscott Komodo dragons who attended their first grading. Term 2 2014 marks the one year anniversary of the Kelmscott dojang and a big congratulations goes out to Instructors Michael Harwood (III Dan) and Suzy Moore (II Dan)!

Starting with the four White Belts there was a fine display of techniques followed by their fundamental exercises: Saju Jurugi and Saju Makgi. Of course there is always room for improvement, but it made a great start to the testing. Once their practical components were completed it was time for the written test.

Next up were the 9th and 8th Gups and finally one 7th Gup, with testing also including step-sparring, close combat and flexibility. Congratulations to all students who graded, and also a special congratulations to Teresa Le who is awarded Grading Champion as the stand out student!

Grading results will be announced this week following the completion of the written component corrections. Remember the next grading is only a few weeks away on 7 June 2014 at the Claremont dojang.

Congratulations to;

Teresa Le – 6th Gup, Chris Gardiner and Emily Fursa – 7th Gup, Blake Peckham and Jenny Illgen – 8th Gup,Marc Crisp, Burak Igdeli, Adnan Terzi and Jerry Masaryk – 9th Gup