Grading 25 August 2014

Grading 25 August 2014 
by Adeline Cheong V Dan Black Belt

Grading 25 August 2014

Last night the Cannington dojang hosted it’s fourth coloured belt grading and the largest to date with 14 applicants.   The grading was conducted by Examiners Adeline Cheong and Paul Raymond and was also the fifth grading for 2014. The students ranged from White Belt to Green Belt Blue Tip with the youngest being seven.

There were students from the Ardross, Maylands, Bedford, Claremont, and Manning dojangs with many supporting their fellow students.

The White Belts were tested on their fundamental exercises first, followed by Saju Jurugi and Saju Makgi. Remembering that all students participate in the practical components.

The 9th Gups were next, followed by 6th and 5th Gups concurrently and finally the 7th Gups (The Boyle family were being tested all at the same time!). This component included step-sparring, and flexibility and the grading concluded with close combat.

Congratulations to all students who graded, and also a special congratulations to Kelmscott Komodo Dragon Julia Putazi  who is awarded Best of Grade for 10th Gup.

A great effort to all the junior ranks who tried out some tricky 6th and 5th Gup techniques.

Grading 25 Aug 2014 Step Sparring

Meanwhile at the back of the dojang, two of our Black Belt Instructors were training in preparation for their own gradings later this year.

Grading results will be announced this week following the completion of the marking.  Remember the next grading is only a few weeks away on Sunday 14 September  at the Claremont dojang at 3.30pm (straight after the Round 3 of the Platinum TKD Open Sparring and Pattern Circuit 2.00-3.30pm!!). There was a good number of adults present last night completing their pre-requisite grading too, so we are looking forward to a number of applicants for the next grading.