Grading 19 June 2014

Grading 19 June 2014
by Adeline Cheong V Dan Black Belt

Following a super 55 student grading on 7 June, the Manning dojang hosted the third grading for Term 2 2014 on Thursday 19 June.

There were a number of students ready at this time and we were able to facilitate it, so it became another great opportunity for our students from different dojangs to come together, maintain their friendships and demonstrate their Taekwon-Do skills.

The grading commenced at 6pm immediately following the two 5pm classes for kids, adults and parents. We had a total of 11 students testing from Cannington, Kelmscott, Manning, Maylands, Bedford (five out if out nine dojangs!) with half of those  participating in the preceding class as well, which was fantastic.

Examiners were Sabumnim Paul and Sabumnim Adeline who were both very pleased with the overall standard and were happy to complete the presentation of all promotions on the night which was a well received surprise for all students.

Congratulations to our newest…
9th Grades
Martin Phan – Cannington
Melody Tulloch – Kelmscott

8th Grades
James Andrews – Manning
Rakan Ozrain – Manning
Emereen Moratalla – Cannington
Jeff White – Maylands
Katalin Lanyi-White – Maylands

7th Grades
Belinda Scott – Maylands
Masaniga Boland – Maylands

6th Grade
Jacob Brancato – Manning

4th Grade
Euen Chong – Manning